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How to lower your carbon footprint in your home office

Making your workspace eco-friendly

Future planning: Is this the year petrol will disappear from WA?

WA Today Article.


Overcoming barriers to the use of alternative and innovative solutions…

Overcoming barriers to the use of alternative and innovative solutions such as stand-alone power systems as an alternative to replacement of end-of-life network assets Download overcoming-barriers-to-the-use-of-alternative-and-innovative-solutions


Good Company Podcast

Interview with Tristy Fairfield on the Good Company episode of Perth Radio 89.7 FM.


Fight for Planet A In Western Australia

Online Q&A: Energy Shared screen with speaker view


Acting Up! – 45 Years of FoE – Climate action to climate justice

Celebrating 45 years of Friends of the Earth - Climate action to climate justice. In the 80s, FoE campaigned around "global warming", carbon debt and had a focus on the emissions of wealthy countries. We worked with people in the Carteret Islands impacted by climate change and ran speaking tours for…


Great Southern families to connect to stand-alone solar power systems in off-grid power trial

ABC NEWS A pilot project, to discover whether farming families can operate without being connected to the mains power grid, will be trialled in Western Australia's Great Southern. Ten properties at the ends of the grid will be reconnected to stand-alone solar power systems, backed up by generators, as part…

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