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Low Carbon Australia’s vision is that Australia embraces its natural assets of renewable energy, land and clever, inspirational people and organisations to create vibrant, sustainable, and prosperous communities with zero net carbon pollution.

From large scale renewable energy projects and battery energy storage systems, to compost and permaculture and sustainable superannuation choices, we all have a role to play in our personal and professional lives.

There are so many opportunities to create and embrace change for a more sustainable, healthier and connected future.

Low Carbon Australia will play its part by working with and connecting people and organisations to create transformational strategy, policy and projects.

Low Carbon Australia can help you or your organisation:

  • develop and implement strategy and policy across climate change issues such as renewable energy and battery systems design, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, carbon offsets, and how to identify and respond to climate change related risks
  • design and deliver projects that will help you to understand, or reduce your carbon footprint
  • identify organisations and individuals that can help you achieve your carbon footprint reduction goals.

Low Carbon Australia’s goals are to:

  • create and be part of a community of individuals and organisations committed to accelerating Australia’s climate change response
  • provide advice and information on climate change solutions and other sustainability challenges
  • mentor and support people who want to make a difference through their work.
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