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Low Carbon Australia Projects

Renewable energy grant application advisory.

Confidential – assist JTSI with consultant management, project design and management of a key industry modelling and policy project.

Embedded contractor:

Led the development of the Western Australian State Government’s policy position on Human-Induced Regeneration carbon farming, resolving complex and controversial issues across resources, carbon farming and State and federal government stakeholders.

Initiated, successfully obtained funding for, and led the design and early-stage delivery of the $15 million Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program.

Coordinated Western Australian State Government agency agenda and budget development across carbon sequestration policy and activities.

Impact investment strategy development support.

Western Australian industry (AEMO, Western Power, Synergy, Horizon Power) stakeholder engagement strategy during deX trial development.

Assessment of off-grid and grid-connected diesel, gas and renewable electricity supply options for two brownfields mine sites.

Carbon farming subject matter expert contributor to study to identify,  analyse  and  report  on  the  specific  Emissions Reduction Fund  information  and capacity  needs/gaps  of  Natural Resource Management groups and  how  they  might  best  be  addressed.

Assessment of the Australian carbon farming market and opportunities for a new not-for-profit entity.

Private sector conservation and revegetation investments

Green iron and steel policy and strategy

Steel Decarbonisation Strategy exploring:

  • the potential to develop a hydrogen (H2) direct reduced iron (DRI) capability in Australia
  • stimulating demand side drivers across Australia, Japan and Korea
  • public policy opportunities and priorities.

Includes issues such as technology readiness, iron ore characteristics, renewable hydrogen availability and costs and investment requirements.

Previous Projects

New project development (large scale PV)

Led Carnegie’s solar and battery project development activities including PV projects from 5 MW to 100MW, coordinating opportunity identification, landowner and other stakeholder engagement, commercial modelling, network approvals, environmental assessments and liaison with investors and potential off-takers.

Electric Vehicle trial and network

Introduced the first electric vehicle (EV) into Synergy’s fleet.

Led Synergy’s sponsorship and revitalisation of UWA’s Renewable Electric Vehicle charging network throughout metropolitan Perth.

Developed an EV car share program at White Gum Valley in collaboration with Green Car Share, Curtin University and the Sustainable Housing for Artists and Creatives (SHAC) development.

Electric Vehicle, PV and Battery Energy Storage System Strategies

Developed and implemented Western Power’s first corporate strategies on small-scale PV, electric vehicles and battery storage.

Stakeholders included technical experts across the distribution and transmission planning, legal, regulatory and financial and government affairs functions of the business.

Stand-alone Power Systems Pilot and regulatory review

Initiated and led the delivery of Western Power’s $4M “Stand-alone Power System” project, leading a multi-disciplinary team to consider the potential of stand-alone power systems (SPS) to provide a cost-effective alternative to network renewal in fringe-of-grid locations.

In addition to the pilot of 6 SPS in the South West of Western Australia, the project has led to Horizon Power installing SPS as an alternative to network rebuild after bushfires and policy review by the WA Government and the AEMC to remove regulatory/ statutory barriers.

City of Fremantle Carbon Neutral

Advised the City of Fremantle in assessing the priority actions towards achieving Carbon Neutral status for the City’s operations including assessment of electricity, transport, waste greenhouse gas emissions and costs of abatement.

Climate Change Readiness for Communities program

Wrote successful “Climate Change Readiness for Communities program” grant application to secure $2M funding from the Commonwealth Government’s Jobs Fund program for Western Australian Council of Social Services/ WA Peaks forum, which went on to win the 2010 WA Environment Award in the Community Energy Efficiency category.

Review of effectiveness of WA GHG emissions reduction program (Premier’s Climate Action Statement)

Reviewed the delivery (in t/CO2 abatement and $/t/CO2 abatement) of Western Australian government greenhouse gas abatement initiatives.

Tristy designed and led a cross-agency program to assess the past and projected greenhouse gas mitigation associated with each of the policies and measures in the 2007 Premier’s Climate Action Statement, including barriers to implementation and success.

Developed and delivered Western Australian State Government training for the use of the System for Accounting and Reporting of Government Emissions (SARGE)

Tristy designed and delivered training programs for Western Australian State Government agencies to comply with requirements to report agency greenhouse gas emissions under the System for Accounting and Reporting of Government Emissions (SARGE) which applied to WA Government agencies that were not constitutional corporations and that emitted equal to or more than 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from stationary energy sources in a financial year.

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